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What is SmartPuja?

SmartPuja is an online platform that offers one-stop solution for religious needs and requirements of Hindus. In a domain that remained mostly offline and off-limit, we've leveraged technology and streamlined the entire Puja experience. With SmartPuja, You don’t go through any hassles while trying to arrange a Puja in your home or outdoors. We take care of it all. Right from booking a Specialist Pandit, to arranging the best quality Puja Samagri, ensuring Puja is performed on an auspicious muhurat on a desired date and to your satisfaction.
Yes, it’s a good practice and creating your profile will ensure hassle free operation and experience. By creating your profile, the relevant information gets updated on booking a service and you avoid repeating steps each time you use a service.
We are committed to provide you with accurate information regarding your horoscope and the required predictions. We have tied up with renowned astrologers with impeccable track record who have provided accurate predictions to numerous customers. Your horoscope and kundali charts are analyzed in great detail by our expert astrologers before providing you with their advice.
It may be possible that Pandit Ji may be late due to unavoidable circumstances such as a traffic jam or due to rain. In such scenarios we will inform you about the delay as soon as we get to know. We have not come across a situation where the designated Pandit Ji has not reached the Puja venue at all, as SmartPuja team has thoroughly verified the Pandits credentials and have enrolled only those pandits with high sense of integrity and professionalism. In the worst case if such a situation does occur, we will arrange for a back-up Pandit Ji
We offer Puja and Astrology services in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.
Puja Services - You can now book a Puja with a specialist pandit handpicked by SmartPuja team. Our Pandit Ji comes prepared with all required Puja materials (samagri) and performs puja as per your customs and rituals.
Astrology - Our in house expert Vedic Astrologers are now just a call away. You can now get all your questions answered by simply booking a slot online and can converse with them over phone at the comfort of your home.
SmartPuja has verified and checked 100’s of Pandits and has shortlisted the best ones as per their proficiency, language and qualification. Our Pandits don't just perform the Puja, they will explain the importance and significance of every ritual while performing the Puja. The Pandits will also customize the Puja based on the caste and region from where the customer hails from and conduct the puja as per customer’s religious tradition and methodology.
Yes! Safety of your personal details is of utmost importance to us and we don't share your personal details with any third party at any cost. We have taken required measures to protect your privacy and even if we have to share information internally only limited information required for the specific transaction is shared. For example: If your date of birth is required to look for good muhurth only your date of birth is provided to Pandit
You will be required to arrange for fruits and prasad required for the Puja. Pandit will arrange all other items including flowers required for Puja.
We recommend that you make the booking at least 5 to 7 days in advance.